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Brick Pavers

Landscaping is divided into two distinct areas - "softscaping" and "hardscaping." Traditional landscaping is the "softscape" part - shrubs, trees, sod, and flowers. 

Today, complete landscapes, large and small, combine hardscaping with the living plants to create a more elegant and functional outdoor living space. At Greenway Landscape Supply we recognize that a portion of your life is spent enjoying the exterior features of your home, such as fire pits, patios, and pathways through your garden. 

Hardscaping consists of inanimate (non-living) materials. Most frequently, this refers to interlocking concrete pavers, wall blocks, gravel, boulders, flagstone, steel edging, and wood. Common features, like paver patios and retaining walls, highlight the design of your shrub beds and lawn. Patios and low walls can give you clean, level seating areas for entertaining or simply enjoying your garden. They also help contain erosion issues, redirect water flow, and stop the daily wear and tear from pets and children on grassy areas. 


The design professionals at Greenway Landscape Supply can change your dreams into reality. Simply contact our office and let our designers work magic in your yard! Team Greenway offers fully customizable  interlocking brick pavers installed in a variety of material, color and style options! We have the perfect fit to complement your home’s architecture and design. Our designer will consider the color scheme of your home to help you select hues that will integrate beautifully with your home style and color pallet. We can also closely color match any existing brick pavers for those new outdoor spaces you desire!We specialize in interlocking brick pavers for driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, dock steps, and outdoor living spaces. There is no need to hire different contractors to re-design your irrigation and landscape after a new brick paver installation, we do that too! 



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